Free TV – Learn How to Watch Free TV on a Cell Phone


Video streaming has become standard today as more and more people are using it. Most importantly, they do not hesitate to pay for services when it comes to cord-cutting, and Hulu and Netflix are two of the most successful in the video streaming industry. 

Not all moviegoers can afford or are willing to pay for these services. Consequently, they are looking for free TV solutions for their phones.

You can watch some movies for free on YouTube, but you will certainly not find all the movies that interest you. We will present you with a list of mobile applications with free access.

Free TV - Learn How to Watch Free TV on a Cell Phone


Sony Crackle is perhaps the most popular mobile application that allows you to watch movies for free. Users can watch movies or even successful shows here. They have software called Nielson, through which you can analyze statistics of the most popular movies.

Although popular, Sony Crackle still has to improve the streaming services it offers. Maybe in time, they will develop their film implementation, but until then, their application is at the top from this point of view.


Crunchyroll, VRV, Funimation

Crunchyroll and Funimation are among the top popularity of the best anime video streaming software and can be downloaded from Google Play. VRV has a more diverse content and contains old Nickelodeon shows, anime films, or independent content.

Like most free online applications, you will receive advertisements. Don’t expect to see the latest movies or series in sync, like with the apps where you have to pay for a subscription.

But, after all, you are interested in watching free movies, anime, or other content. Crunchyroll specializes in anime shows with subtitles, at Funimation, you can watch anime shows with English dubs. VRV is more diverse: a little indie content and a little anime dubs along with some more.

Hoopla Digital

Hoopla is perhaps the most diverse streaming service and is also available on Google Play for free download. You can make a card at their virtual library and watch free TV shows, movies, music, e-books, or comic books.

In order to create the card, your virtual library must belong to the Hoopla network. Otherwise, it is an application that works well.


Hotstar is in the top of free movie applications in India and can be downloaded from the app store. It not only offers movies but also live sports broadcasts or TV shows, but with the free subscription, you do not have access to all this content. Although you have limited access, it remains a useful application.

The stream works fine, and maybe only the ads will bother you. The only consistent complaints were made during the World Cup when Hotstar had problems broadcasting through the Jio TV application.


Kodi is only available on the Android operating system and is available on Google Play. It works as a media player application and offers some tricks for efficient use. One of them is that you can install plugins that run free content.

Piracy is not something we encourage. However, you can access USTVNow and watch free movies through free TV channels.


Popcornflix, as you guessed by the title, is a streaming application available for download on the app stores through which you can watch movies for free. They frequently add new movies, do not have a specific genre, and have an international opening.

The only problems you may encounter may be related to buffering. The quality of video streaming is good, and all in all, if it works, you will be satisfied with the quality of service.


Tubi is an application that will broadcast TV shows and free movies. They say they are connected in every way and will work normally for this service but are ad-supported. Here you will have access to diverse and international content (anime included).

We can also call it an all-in-one streaming service, but not in the true sense of the word because there are specific niches that it does not touch. Overall, this is the best recommendation we can give you for free video streaming applications. It is also available for download on Google Play

Free TV - Learn How to Watch Free TV on a Cell Phone


Even if you can’t afford a movie subscription, there are solutions of all kinds. Whether you want to watch anime, international movies, or certain TV shows, you can manage through these applications. If you want to know how to get free wi-fi internet, click here.