How to Make Organic Vegetable Baby Food


A mother’s milk is considered to have all the nutrition that a newborn needs. Still, most babies are ready for semi-solid food at the age of six months. When you want to get your child started on such food, you want the best for your child. And what better than homemade organic food for your growing baby?

Purees are a wonderful way to introduce your baby to the tasty flavors of vegetables and fruits. Though quite a few purees are available in packaged form in the market, these may contain chemical preservatives, which is not ideal for babies. It is always better to prepare purees at home with organically procured fruits and vegetables.


Homemade food is free of pesticides and chemicals and is healthful. Vegetable purees are delicious and packed with nutrients. Since these are made from boiled or steamed vegetables, they retain their nutritional value and natural flavor. So, try to proactively introduce these into your baby’s diet. Read on to learn how you can do this.

How to Make Organic Vegetable Baby Food

With Vegetables … Baby Steps It Is

Vegetables are veritable powerhouses for your baby. They contain calcium, folate, vitamins, fiber, healthy fats, and other nutrients. All these play an important role in helping to boost the baby’s eyes, nerves, bones, and brain development.

Before getting your baby started on organic puree, make sure to test each fruit and vegetable with them separately. You can start with carrots, peas, or just bananas. This is to eliminate any allergy-causing foods.


Do not try a blend of two foods, such as carrots and apples together. If the baby has an allergic reaction, you will find it difficult to eliminate the culprit ingredient. And if you decide to avoid the blend altogether, the baby might miss what is healthy for him or her.

So, go slow and take baby steps, literally. When babies can digest purees that are blends of fruits and vegetables, you can experiment with newer recipes. You can also opt to add apple juice, coconut water, or pear juice to the puree. These are light on the stomach and easily digestible.

Tasty and Easy Homemade Purees

To prepare a puree, wash and skin the vegetables and/or fruits and cut them up into smaller pieces. It is better to steam these since if you boil these, the nutrients might get lost. For solid vegetables such as sweet potatoes, you can poke them with a fork and then microwave them to soften them.

You can use roasted carrots, sweet potatoes, parsnips, and a little bit of olive oil to make puree for baby. Broccoli and olive oil puree is full of essential vitamins and healthy fats that aid in growth and development. You can also puree red bell pepper to make a nutrient-loaded meal for your baby.

Another good puree homemade baby food recipe is a combination of pear, blueberries, oatmeal flakes, and coconut water. Make sure to deseed any fruits, such as pear and apples.  Blend the puree to a consistency that is easier for your baby to eat or to swallow.

It Helps to Be Prepared Always with a Small Baby

To save time during the week, you can make batches of different varieties of purees and freeze them in ice trays. When freezing in batches, make sure to add the dates on the ziplock bags, so you know to use them in time.

When you need them, take out a few of these and microwave these to feed the baby.  This is easier than having to make fresh baby food every day for which some of us might not have the time.

Even if you must go out with the baby, you can simply pop some of those cubes in ziplock bags and carry these. The cubes will thaw during the day and you can feed her when she demands it. Now, pouches are available online that you can use to carry baby food with you when traveling.

How to Make Organic Vegetable Baby Food


Depending on how your baby takes to the taste of the purees, you can experiment with adding a dash of spices and herbs to complement the flavor. When switching to organic foods, always stick to your gut instinct as a mom and as a parent. Make sure to consult your pediatrician if you need advice.