How to Record Videos on TikTok – Complete Tutorial


During this pandemic, people have had to practice social distancing like never before! Businesses and offices have also shut down to prevent further spread of the disease. People are left with TV, radio and their phones as a major source of entertainment, and social media has become more prevalent than ever before!

One of the social media platforms that became very popular during this time is TikTok. It is an online platform where people can learn and watch, and even create and share (their own) short music videos. It is similar to karaoke, and appeals to people of all ages – however it’s more popular with Generation Z.

TikTok is famous for its lip-syncing, singing and dancing videos that appeal mostly to teens. They also get to participate in challenges and competitions that they can access through trending hashtags. Through this app, users have transitioned from scrolling through social media pages to creating content. Let us now see how one can create content and record videos on TikTok.

How to Record Videos on TikTok - Complete Tutorial
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The Interface

If you are new on TikTok, you first need to get used to the interface so that you know which button does what. When you open the app, you will see two feeds, and the first one is called ‘For You’.


Most TikTok users use the ‘For You’ tab 75% of their time. It’s comparable to Facebook’s news feed and Instagram’s explore tab, where there is a variety of content found, including new, popular and viral content.

The other one is the ‘Following’ feed where you’ll find the content of the accounts that you are following.

Record a Video

At some point, you may also want to start creating your own content, and for that you must know how to learn to record a video on TikTok. It is fairly simple, so let’s explore!

You’ll see the ‘Plus’ icon at the bottom of your screen. When you tap it, you can start recording your video. You have 15-60 seconds to record your TikTok.

However, it’s advisable to start with shorter videos of about 15 seconds to get the hang of it. When you have mastered it, then you can record longer ones of 60 seconds.

Select Recording Features

There are a variety of awesome features on TikTok that allow you to record and edit within the app. Let’s start with the right top of your screen.

The first one is the flip functionality which lets you switch between the back and front cameras on your phone.

The next in line is ‘speed’ that allows you to manage your videos’ final playback speed. If you record a video at 3X speed, it gets recorded slower but plays back three times faster.

If you record it at 0.3x speed, it records fast and then slows down during playback. Have fun as you experiment with various speeds available.


The fourth option is filters, which has a lot to explore. After opening the app, click on the ‘Plus’ icon and then go to the ‘Filters’ icon.

You will come across a variety of filters at the bottom of the screen to pick from. You can mix and match various filters to create a unique look for you, which is also helpful in grabbing viewers’ attention.

Once you have decided on one filter, exit out of the filters panel and start recording you TikTok video.

How to Record Videos on TikTok - Complete Tutorial
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The Timer

The timer has several applications for recording a TikTok video. First, it allows you to record hands-free, which is remarkable.

Choose between a 3-second or 10-second head start to begin your shot or change to another place in the shot.

When you place ‘Start Countdown’ the timer starts running, so place your phone, position yourself for the shot and wait for the recording to start.

Visual Effects

Visual effects is where the TikTok magic happens. It’s easy to be creative with visual effects and create cool stuff.

When you select ‘Effects’ icon, a panel opens with various effects to choose from. Green Screen is one of the most popular effects. It lets you add diverse backgrounds to your video.

Similarly, the ‘Shake’ effect helps you emphasize the anxiety and stress of a moment. The ‘clones’ effect allows you to have five pictures of yourself backing you from behind.

One pro tip is that you don’t have to use just one effect in the whole video, as you can apply various effects in one video at the same time.


Adding music to your videos definitely takes it a notch higher. At the top of your phone screen, there is a ‘sounds’ tab. When you press it, you can add an audio clip or music to your video.

In the Sounds Library, you can search for sounds, check through the playlists and choose from TikTok recommended music. You can also record your personal sounds for your video.


Recording a video on TikTok is very easy once you get the hang of it. After getting used to the interface, all you have to do is press the ‘Plus’ icon, explore, and start recording your TikTok videos.

You can customize your videos with plethora of options of effects and visuals. You can also add text, sounds, or music along with some wide range of filters. Also, remember to play around with the timer to manage the speed of your video.