How to Stay Engaged with Children During the Pandemic


All over the globe, children are affected by physical distancing, quarantine, and national school closures due to the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

COVID impacts not just one’s physical wellbeing but also one’s mental health as a result of lockdown measures. Some kids and young people can feel more alone, stressed, bored, and unsure. They can feel terror and sorrow, regarding the virus’s effects on their families.


Managing children during this period can be more difficult for many parents than usual. Aside from establishing a routine during quarantine, learn how to engage with your kids at home during the pandemic with these helpful tips.

How to Stay Engaged with Children During the Pandemic

Nudge their Creativity

Creative activities are a great way to keep children busy during a pandemic while they are staying at home. You can try doing fun DIY arts and crafts activities.

The simple stuff is strongly recommended, recognizing that children have their own imagination and ingenuity resources and that boredom is a wonderful stimulus at times.


It may include items from around the house. It’s great to use what you already have at home to create and make, particularly if you can start somebody off on a project and then leave them to it.

You can also teach them new creative skills, such as taking photographs using their phone, hand-lettering, or any other project involving building and assembling.

Use Media Together

This is a good chance to supervise what your older children see online and to follow what your kids learn. You may use social media together and connect with your other family and friends.

While you recognize the storytelling and significance that movies can bring, even watching a family movie together can help everyone relax. You can watch any of the Netflix shows with life lessons in them, or just the feel-good ones.

Video Chat with Friends

Video sessions are one of the effective ways to help children stay in touch with friends, while complying with social distancing rules.

They could already be using Skype, Zoom and other video conferencing tools to meet teachers and classmates in online classes, depending on your children’s age and school.

But children can also use video chat technology to host purely fun video chats. You can help as a parent set up and organize these playdates so that children continue to have the social interaction they want, though virtually.

How to Stay Engaged with Children During the Pandemic

Enjoy the Outdoors through Safe Spaces

If you live in a high-density community where many residents are crowding sidewalks and public spaces, getting outside can be difficult.

But if you have immediate access to empty outdoor areas, going outside can be a great way to get fresh air, exercise, and relaxation outside for your children.

An excellent spot is if you have a private backyard that will prevent you from running into other people. Avoid playgrounds, as there is a tiny possibility of transmitting the virus by touching contaminated surfaces such as playground equipment.

Make Sure Kids Have Some Alone-Time

It can be difficult for anyone involved to be quarantined at home, and claustrophobia can set in for any household member.

But older children may be highly affected by the inability to take time off for themselves and enjoy periods of silence and isolation. They may also need alone time, as much as they might miss their friends.

Look for ways to give your kids the space they’re looking for whenever possible while making sure they stay inside and don’t risk unnecessary exposure to the virus.

How to Stay Engaged with Children During the Pandemic

Bottom Line

Children of any age can find it difficult with the constraints of quarantine and social distancing. You may not be able to address those frustrations completely as a parent.

Even during this tough period, you should give them the tools they need to deal with certain situations and continue to connect with their peers.