Learn How to Change a Diaper Genie Bag – Step by Step


You’re probably pretty familiar with diaper duty if you have small children. The technology for diaper disposal has come a long way, and you don’t have to think about emptying the diaper pail every day now. 

You might forget to take out the trash if you’re lucky enough to own a Diaper Genie and instead focus on spending time with your child.


It might sound easy to throw dirty diapers into a pail next to the changing table, but you don’t want the scents to linger. After all, you don’t have enough hands as a human to hold your nose, your child, and a dirty diaper. Here’s your step-by-step guide in changing a Diaper Genie Bag

Learn How to Change a Diaper Genie Bag - Step by Step
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How a Diaper Genie Bag Works

You use the Diaper Genie Bag, which is perfect for busy moms and dads, straight out of the box. Then, all you have to do is hit the bottom pedal with your foot to throw away a diaper, and the lid and airtight clamps open up for you to chuck it in.  

The enterprise says 270 diapers will carry the refill containers. Of course, that doesn’t mean that before you take it to the dump, you must or will stuff 270 diapers in the can. 


Imagine, without a rim, a very long and narrow trash bag. That’s what this is, kind of. You’ll tie a knot at the bottom of it when you first set up the bag. Then, you can use the special cutter inside the pail when it’s full of diapers to break it off and knot the top. 

Then, the next part of the bag will be taken out, knotted at the bottom, and so on.

Your Step-by-Step Guide

Open the Genie

Make sure that your Genie lies directly on the floor. To detach the top portion of the Genie from the bottom portion, push the button on the front of your Genie (you should let the top portion rest on the ground for now). 

Push them down into the bottom section of the Genie if there are any diapers left in the top portion of the Genie. Open your Genie slowly. You don’t want a mess to be made!

Cut Your Bag

In the bottom half of the Diaper Genie, the diapers should be consolidated at this stage and contained in a bag. 

Grip the bag a few inches above where the diapers are stored, and shake the bag a little; the diapers will be further reinforced by this. 

You’ll find a cutter in the middle of your Diaper Genie. Use this to cut the bag into two parts. Approximately six inches above where diapers are stashed, attempt to cut the pocket. 

In the center of the top portion of the Genie, the cutter is found. As long as your Genie Diaper is free, you should be able to spot it quickly.

Dispose of Your Bag 

To consolidate the diapers, lift the entire bag from the Genie and give it one more shake. By adding a double knot, close the bag. The dirty diapers and any garbage are now ready to be disposed of. 

Make sure your knot is extra secure. You run the risk of leaks and foul smells otherwise. In order to prevent your Diaper Genie from falling over, keep your foot on the accelerator.


Find the pocket that your Diaper Genie is already attached to. At the bottom, tie a knot. In the top portion of your Diaper Genie, pull on the bag to build some slack and tuck the bag into the bottom portion of your Diaper Genie. 

Just shut your Diaper Genie’s lid. If you want to stop bad smells from arising, consider adding a small deodorizer at the bottom of the pail. When you hear the top snap shut, you’ll know that the Genie has closed successfully. 

To prepare for the next use, you can take out about 18 inches (46 cm) of the container.

Final Steps and Tips

Once more, close the Diaper Genie and bolt it shut. You just drained your Diaper Genie and replaced, if possible, the refill bags as well. You will need to follow more or less the same directions if you intend to use a standard trash bag instead of a refill bag

You’ll need to angle it when placing the bag in, though, so that it hangs over the side and the Diaper Genie’s lid helps to keep it in place. 

These diaper pails are not built to work with standard trash bags, but if you’re willing to put out a little more effort to make them fit, you can use kitchen bags.

Learn How to Change a Diaper Genie Bag - Step by Step
Image Source: Babylist


You may want to consider the Diaper Genie, which is the number one best-seller in diaper pails on Amazon, if you are a parent with a kid in diapers

It is elegant and unobtrusive in its style and comes in five colors, including white, gray, and green, making it ideal for most nurseries.