Learn How to Keep the Family Busy at Home Together


As schools and businesses across the world shut down for the indefinite future due to COVID-19, millions of family members, especially children, are suddenly stuck at home, finding something to do.

Being a parent is more challenging in this time, with plenty of playgrounds, shops, and community spaces closed around the globe, plus a playdate break. Luckily, there are plenty of fun activities to keep the family busy during the quarantine.


During quarantine, keeping family members busy and entertained is a tall order. Below are some stay at home ideas for helping your children — and you — get occupied together during the quarantine.

Learn How to Keep the Family Busy at Home Together


Create a Routine or Daily Schedule

Having a new schedule for your time at home will help your child understand what to expect, which will strengthen their sense of control.


Get dressed up, and eat breakfast together. Maybe have a fun activity to get everyone excited and prepared to begin the day.

Include into your routine wake-up/bedtime schedule, meal times, screen time, and exercise time. Other ideas include family time, chore/task time, art time, reading time, and alone/quiet moment.

Converse with your kids at each stage. Explain what you are doing and see to it that they are involved in any activity.

Get Physically Active

Take time to work out every day. This can help everybody feel strong and healthy within your family. It will help your kid burn some energy too!

Try family-geared yoga videos, or do an obstacle course indoors. YouTube is an excellent tool for discovering family-friendly fitness videos.

Learn How to Keep the Family Busy at Home Together


Take Part in Daily Arts and Crafts

For your kids, create a project that they can work on every day. Paint a picture, or make bead sets for your favorite jewelry.

Moreover, many great websites help children learn how to draw. The artforkidshub.com, for example, is super creative.

Learn How to Keep the Family Busy at Home Together


Plant a Garden

Despite the coronavirus putting a stop to busy schedules, there is no better time to tackle your gardening project at long last. Decide if you can plant fruits, herbs, or flowers (or all of them!).

Allow your children to pick the specific plants you’ll put in. Shop your seeds and supplies online, then spend a sunny day having all set up in your garden.

Learn How to Keep the Family Busy at Home Together


Learn to Cook

Work with your kid to choose and prepare new lunch and dinner recipes. You should try to bake cupcakes and cookies, too.

For snacks, select easy options like homemade pizza. Get all the ingredients into little bowls, and they can add the toppings. You can make your faces, and more!

Learn How to Keep the Family Busy at Home Together


Go Backyard Camping

Build a tent at the backyard and have a complete camping experience. For dinner, eat s’mores and hotdogs, share stories by flashlight and snuggle up in sleeping bags to admire the stars.

Even if you’re only going to sleep for the night in your beds, it’s a quirky break from your daily routine.

During the day, you can keep your kids busy by asking them to plan a few fun camping activities and games for the night ahead.

Learn How to Keep the Family Busy at Home Together


Show and Tell

Let every family member go into their rooms and choose up to five things they want to discuss and speak about.

If you’d like to tack on a certain amount of time and bring your show and tell some tweaks, include some guidelines for the things picked.

Give everyone a chance to exhibit their things when you reconvene. Then, discuss why you picked it.

Learn How to Keep the Family Busy at Home Together



TV and iPads are fine, but when it comes to keeping your family occupied while stuck at home, thinking beyond the box is one of the best ways to make sure everybody has fun and stays involved.

Try out the above ideas, make adjustments where necessary to accommodate children of certain ages or with varying interests. Take this time to bond together as a family, and learn something new.