Sapphire Preferred® Credit Card – Find Out How to Apply


Whether you travel for business or out of pleasure, being a member of a rewards credit card program can go a long way towards consolidating your budget. There are several different credit card companies that offer this moneyback reward, and Chase is among them.

You can move the earned redemption points to other loyalty programs, including Hyatt and United Airlines. Not only will you have an opportunity to improve your savings but you can also have a lot of fun searching for the best strategy to get even more value out of this program.


With this in mind, we have prepared a review of the highlighted fees/charges, as well as a detailed guide on how to apply for this card. Let’s get right to it!

Sapphire Preferred® Credit Card - Find Out How to Apply

Fees and Charges

First and foremost comes the annual percentage rate. Much like with most other credit card companies, the APR with this one varies depending on the prime market rate. In this case, it is set between 15.99% and 22.99%.

Your creditworthiness plays an important role, as well. This helps determine the annual percentage rate for Chase Loan, balance transfers, and purchases. 


One of the most important things that you should know is you won’t be charged interest on purchases as long as you make the entire balance payment by the due date (it comes 21 days after one billing cycle has closed).

Unfortunately, this credit card features an annual fee of $95. Additionally, if you decide to create My Chase Plan, you will be paying 1.72% for the sum of each item that you have created in the process. 

As for transaction fees, these are set at $5 or 5% of the sum for balance transfers. The cash advance fee is $10 or 5% of the sum for cash advances depending on which sum is greater. Lastly,  you will be charged up to $39 for return/late and canceled payments

When it comes to the rewards program, the first thing that we want to discuss is the sign-up bonus, which is 80,000 RP if you spend $4,000 during the first 3 months. If all purchases are travel-related, this means that you are getting $1,000 worth in redemption points. 

After this period, each dollar spent on travel is worth two Chase points, and a dollar spent on all other purchases is a single Chase point.

How To Apply

When it comes to travel credit cards that are highlighted by great reward programs, in most cases, you need to have a high-annual income to be eligible. Luckily, that is not the case with the Sapphire Preferred Credit Card. 

However, you do need to have a good credit score that is between 690 and 850. 

Additionally, you should be a US citizen/permanent resident, as well as 18 years old or older. As for applying, it all comes down to visiting the official Chase website as a guest or as a signed-in user, which is faster and more reliable. 

After you submit the inquiry with all of the required info/documents, you should be met with an instant decision and if approved get the credit card within 48 hours.

Bank Contact Details

Much like with other successful banks that focus on mobile and online banking, Chase provides several contact forms that you can use to get in touch with an operator/customer support.

In-Person: click here to find the nearest branch

Phone: 1-800-935-9935; Monday to Friday from 7 am to 10 pm EST; Saturday to Sunday from 10 am to 7 pm EST

FAQs: click here

Features and Benefits

Apart from cool features like primary rental car insurance, a fantastic sign-up bonus, and double the redemption points when used for travel/dining, there is one more advantage that we want to talk about. 

You are getting a 1:1 ratio that you will be subjected to when transferring your points to the leading car rental agencies, hotels, and airlines!

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Sapphire Preferred® Credit Card - Find Out How to Apply


Throughout this article, we did our best to present the relevant fees/charges, as well as the features that you will get to experience as an owner of a Sapphire Preferred Credit Card. It is up to you to make the final choice based on your preference and current needs!

Note: There are risks involved when applying for and using credit. Consult the bank’s terms and conditions page for more information.