The 10 Weeks Pregnant Belly – What to Expect


The first trimester may be overwhelming, especially if you’ve never been pregnant before. Knowing what to expect during your pregnancy will help you deal with your next few months’ physical and emotional roller coaster.

You are already two and a half months pregnant at the 10 weeks mark, and you have a little over 6 months to go. At this time the symptoms may be in full swing, or you may not experience much of anything. And both are absolutely normal.


Each woman is special and different, including her pregnancy experiences. Not every woman has the same signs or symptoms from pregnancy to pregnancy. However, let’s look deeper at some of the 10 weeks pregnancy expectations.

The 10 Weeks Pregnant Belly - What to Expect
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10 Weeks Pregnant Belly

If you haven’t looked at your newly pregnant body and your 10 weeks pregnant belly lately, take a deep breath, remove your clothes, and go for it.


You may have already gained around 1-4 pounds, which is on target for the first trimester. In the second trimester and beyond, you’ll probably gain a pound a week.

At 10 weeks pregnant, a growing belly may be noticeable. That’s because your ever-growing uterus is about a small grapefruit’s size. But don’t panic if you can’t see your bump at 10 weeks yet, you will do sooner or later.

Remember that with your baby bump, almost anything is normal. Some women show earlier; others show later depending on their height, weight, and build.

The 10 Weeks Pregnant Belly - What to Expect
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You may still find some of those fun and not-so-fun symptoms hanging around. Here are common 10-week signs of pregnancy.

Nausea and Vomiting

Morning sickness may become your reality. If you have food aversions, you may be wholly sickened by the sight, smell, or even thought of particular food.

Can’t see anything except macaroni salad? It’s ok if this is your dinner, for now, every night. The most important thing is that you stay well hydrated and keep the food down.

The 10 Weeks Pregnant Belly - What to Expect


Sore, Swollen Breasts

Progesterone pushes your milk ducts into high gear, leaving your breasts tender and your bras tight. This will slow down in the second trimester, then speed up right before birth.

Lower Back Pain

Back pain is common at 10 weeks of pregnancy. Your back muscles may have trouble adjusting between hormones and expanding uterus. Try to sleep on your side. Also, be reminded that flats can give your back a break.


Constipation is rising in the first trimester. Select your favorite fiber foods (dried apricots, raspberries, or almonds) and regularly snack on them.

Remember to drink plenty of water as the fiber doesn’t work in your system without being hydrated. Preventing constipation can also avoid hemorrhoids that are common in pregnancy due to all the straining to go.

Talk to your doctor about changing your prenatal vitamin; occasionally, one that is high in iron will lead to constipation.

The 10 Weeks Pregnant Belly - What to Expect


Mood Swings

You may still feel a bit crankier or weepier than usual. As the body keeps adapting to first trimester hormones, mood swings are part for the course.

You should try to get enough rest, eat healthily and often, and avoid stressful situations (if feasible). But sometimes you can’t do much, but sob at a Netflix movie and look forward to the second trimester, when hormones level out.

Vaginal Discharge

Let’s tell you straight: when you’re pregnant for 10 weeks or whenever you’re pregnant, there may be some surprising discharge.

What’s important is understanding what perfectly normal vaginal discharge is and what’s worth calling your healthcare provider.

Visible Veins

As blood flow increases to deliver nutrients to your baby, your skin may begin to look like a roadmap, notably on your chest and belly.

These veins are more visible simply because they are filled with higher blood volume and will return to normal after delivery.


Are you hating or loving the first trimester? You can’t move forward or stop time.

However, you can still turn your attention to things under your control like comfortable shoes, pretty photos, and the best way to tell your friends and relatives your big news.