These are the Best Methods to Soothe a Baby – Discover Them


 “How can I soothe my baby?” is one of the frequently asked questions by new parents. You must certainly be trying to master the art of calming your little one. However, the little one gets too stubborn at times.

But deep inside you wonder how long it will take to soothe your baby and you can enjoy some quiet time. It’s not that you do not like singing a lullaby, rocking your baby, or rubbing his back.


Sometimes you wish that you could perfect the art of self-soothing your baby easily sans a long procedure. We’ve rounded up ways to soothe your baby so your life becomes an easy ride.

These are the Best Methods to Soothe a Baby - Discover Them

What Makes a Baby Fussy?

Before you dive into the effective ways to soothe your little one, it’s important that you are aware of the reasons that cause the baby to cry and be fussy. One of the most common reasons why babies do not stop wailing is hunger. If your baby has not received his feed on time, crying is his way to tell you that he is starving.

Another obvious culprit is a dirty diaper which makes the baby utterly uncomfortable. Once you rule out these evident factors, it’s time to see if your little one is unwell or having an acid influx.


Knowing what is making your baby create incessant fuss is the key to soothing himself. Let us have a look at different ways to soothe your little one so both of you are all ready to seize the day.

Top 3 Ways to Soothe Your Baby

Swaddle to Soothe

One of the sure-shot ways to pacify the fussy baby is to swaddle the little one. This ancient practice of snugly wrapping the baby in either a thin blanket or sheet helps to keep your little bundle all cozy and secure.

Swaddling is believed to create a womb-like feeling so your baby feels calmer and settles down quickly. You may observe that your baby prefers his arms to be left out of the swaddle. This is done by the baby in order to enjoy freedom while sleeping or to self-soothe himself by sucking his fingers.

In addition to self-soothing the baby, swaddling also stops your baby from being disturbed by his own startle reflex. Also, be mindful not to swaddle your baby too tightly that his mobility gets affected.

White Music to Calm Your Baby

All your stresses fade away once you listen to your favorite piece of music, don’t they? Similarly, your baby will feel calmer when you play the right music to soothe the little bundle of happiness.

Most of the parents rely on playing white music in the background when their babies are crying with no sign to stop. The rhythmic whooshing sound of the white music is believed to be similar to the sound babies heard when in the womb. This makes the babies feel safer and they settle down sooner.

For the white noise to be effective you should make sure that the ambiance of the nursery or the room is conducive for a sound slumber. It also blocks out random noises of adults talking, dog barking, or even a fan that may otherwise startle your baby. You should be aware that even the minor disturbances have the potential to jolt your little one from sleep.

Massage to Pacify

No matter how cranky your baby is, massaging him will do the magic and he will soon calm down. While you can simply massage using your hands, you can also use baby-friendly lotion or massage oils.

This relaxing ritual also acts as a cue to hit the bed for the baby if you do it on a regular basis. From stroking his chest to unfurling his fists to massaging the soles of his feet, give a gentle yet firm massage.

One thing you should be careful is not to tickle him or he will not settle down and continue creating the fuss.

These are the Best Methods to Soothe a Baby - Discover Them

The Bottom Line

It is an undeniable fact that you are giving your best shot at mastering the art of soothing your baby. However, you should be very patient throughout the entire process before you perfect the baby-soothing process.