What to Expect at The Four Months Pregnant Mark


During your fourth month of pregnancy, your second trimester begins starting on week 14. Several women find this a fun part of pregnancy. Your energy is on the rise, and your meals stay down.

You and your baby are now going into a period of fast growth. At 16 weeks pregnant, your uterus develops at the same rate as your baby. It’s getting to the point where you can’t hide your pregnancy anymore.


Four months pregnancy is kind of a big deal. Lots of exciting milestones occur this month because you’re now entering the second trimester. Read on for the changes you’ll encounter with your body during this period.

What to Expect at The Four Months Pregnant Mark


4 Months Pregnant Belly

You may now be at the stage when your bump clearly has a baby in there. Your weight gain and your baby’s probably picked up considerably, and you will both keep on growing.


But, at 16 weeks, all baby bumps are unique and normal. Believe it or not, some women still don’t start showing while others have pronounced bumps during this period.


The other symptoms of second-trimester pregnancy that may start or you may continue to experience include the following.

Continued Breast Growth

Do you feel overwhelmed by your ever-growing breasts? If your breasts grow during your pregnancy (by the second!), they are probably ultrasensitive and tender as well.

Look only, but do not touch them. Don’t worry, because they should return to their pre-pregnancy size after giving birth and weaning if you choose to breastfeed.


Irregular bowel movements that cause a bloated, gassy, clogged-up feeling are a common problem of pregnancy.

In addition to those pregnancy hormones that cause your gastrointestinal tract to get sluggish, your expanding uterus now puts pressure on your intestines, which can significantly back up things.

Aim to increase the quantity of water that you are drinking to keep everything moving.

What to Expect at The Four Months Pregnant Mark


Increased Vaginal Discharge

Although your body actually benefits from vaginal discharge, for it protects the birth canal from infection, it may still not feel comfortable.

Nevertheless, do not be tempted to try douches or feminine wipes, as they can irritate the genital tract and cause infection.

Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are relatively common during pregnancy and are usually painless and harmless — just another occupational hazard of being a mother-to-be. But don’t worry: they’ll shrink along with the rest of you after delivery.

There is a way to minimize the blood vessels that swell in your legs. Keep your weight gain healthy and gradual and adhere to the recommended range. Extra weight increases your circulatory system load.

What to Expect at The Four Months Pregnant Mark



As your belly grows bigger, your lower back curves to accommodate the load more than usual, leading in strained back muscles.

Get a prenatal massage, even from your partner, or take a warm bath or shower to soothe these sore muscles.

Bleeding Gums

Have you noticed that, after brushing, your gums bleed? That is because the hormones of pregnancy cause inflammation of the gum, making it prone to bacteria, irritation, and bleeding.

While that is normal, regular flossing and brushing are essential. See the dentist also to avoid gum disease at least once during pregnancy. Gum diseases can cause problems during pregnancy if untreated.


The four-month stage is often seen as the “honeymoon” pregnancy period. This is the time when many moms experience a boost in energy. Welcome to the best part of your pregnancy; if you’re ever going to radiate that pregnancy glow, this is it.

If you feel a little more energetic, why not take advantage of this trimester to take on some decorating, shopping, traveling, and other preparations that require more energy exertion and endurance?